Saturday, August 12, 2006

Beastmasters: Labyrinth of Onzozo (47-48)

Monday was a holiday here in Canada, and Grymalkyn and I decided we'd take our BSTs out leveling. I really want us to get to 50 "soon" so we can start collecting our AF, but when we only seem to level once every few months, it might be awhile still.

By the time we were ready, the Labyrinth of Onzozo was empty, except for the three fishbots that are always there. We camped in the tunnel between the first Goblin room and the bigger room with Cockatrices, Goblins, and a Mushussu. The leeches all checked DC or EM, and we started in fighting. I like the camp a lot, since the leeches usually wouldn't despawn after leave, and we had enough pets to keep fighting.

The goblins ranged from DC to T, so they were a bit annoying, since we had to kill them all, but didn't get much exp for them. Every bit helps though. While we were still level 47, our pets did a good job of holding hate, which made our fights pretty safe, especially since they'd get petrified by the cockatrices rather than us. At one point I checked one of the leeches and noticed it was a Tough, so we started checking before charming and killed the Tough leeches.

After we hit 48 and switched from our AF axes to our Viking Axes, and put on our Life Belts, we were pulling more hate. This slowed things down a bit, since we'd turn around and stop fighting, plus we'd take damage and need to rest for MP. I think maybe we'll need to keep our old axes around until we hit level 50 and can have some pieces of Crow gear for enmity reduction.

It was kind of funny camping there and seeing the RMT streaming in at one point. The Lord of Onzozo's window must have been up or something. I noticed Mysticmaker Proflibix on widescan a couple of times as well. The first time he seemed to be there for awhile. I suppose when I actually decide to get my hands on a Moldavite Earring I'll never find him wandering around unclaimed.

At one point, another BST suddenly materialized. He must have logged out there. I was a little surprised to see him grab a leech and start fighting a goblin, but he leveled to 48 on that kill, did a /bow, and left. I had been getting angry that he was camping on top of us, but he just wanted that last bit of exp for his level before leaving the camp to us. We later saw he was in Gustav Tunnel (the only person in Gustav Tunnel).

A PLD66 showed up with his NPC and started killing all the goblins and some of "our" leech pets, but after he finished killing everything near us and I /sighed at him, he moved to another spot. It's such a huge world, why do people insist on killing things other people are obviously exping on?

After we were a third of the way through 48, disaster struck. We were fighting a cockatrice when my leech came uncharmed. Of course there were three other leeches right there as well, so they all joined my ex-pet in beating me to death. Grym joined me and we HP'd to Whitegate.

We headed to check out Revelation Rock in West Altepa, but it just wouldn't work with two beastmasters and beetles despawning after Leave. Plus there were two exp parties there already. We rode around in West Altepa, checking different nooks and crannies, but didn't come up with anything. Then it was time for supper and getting ready for Monday Night activities with our level 75s, so we packed away the BST gear.

I think we'll probably head back to LoO next time we level, but maybe Gustav will be good if we can find the Goblin pet camp and it works for a duo.


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