Thursday, August 10, 2006

Leveling: LLS and, wait for it, yes, Spinners! (75)

The Low Level Static has had another departure. Yobun has abandoned THF in favour of other things (he's got 4 jobs at 75, which means there's still many to go) now that Wendell's reached 75. We'll keep meriting as a group as long as it makes sense for us. Wendell needs his limit points!

This week, we recruited Daden's WAR75/NIN37 to fill in as our sixth. I thought it'd be fun to try the Lamia Idolators at the Dvucca Isle Staging Point, but it turns out that Daden, Mister Merit Happy, has been too busy getting his 100 Merit Points to visit all of the Staging Points.

So we headed back to Whitegate and headed to Mamook and fought Spinners yet again. Things actually went pretty well, at least until Elboron started getting pummelled on the pulls and we'd have too many spinners around to be able to save him. He ended up dying 3 times, the third while still weak from the second.

I think they changed the number of Spinners when they added more Mamool Ja to the zone to guard the Archaic Mirrors. Ever since that update, we've been running out of Spinners, while when we first started there, the first kills were respawning as we were killing the last. Either that, or we've just become that much faster at killing what's there.

Hate control actually seemed a bit better Sunday night. I don't think I really changed anything from the previous week, and was still using all my +enmity gear and food. I certainly hadn't used any Merit Points last week. I noticed that Itera wasn't provoking slept links as much as usual, leaving them to me, since I would usually provoke the red spinner, and toss a flash on the linked one as Elbo slept it. Then when provoke was back up, I'd use that on the sleeping one, so it would come for me when it woke up. When Itera provokes the slept links, it makes it harder for me to hold hate when we get to fighting it.

I ended up with another two Merits, bringing me up to 5 Merits I needed to spend. I put 3 of them into my first upgrade for STR (+1), and the other two for the second upgrade in Critical Hit Rate (bringing me to +2%).


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