Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Leveling: BLU Trio in the Dunes (16-17)

On Saturday, we decided to head to the Dunes with our BLU trio and see if we could learn Cursed Sphere. Qiara made three servings of Menemen for us. It's a 3 hour food with +30 MP and HP, and +1 for MP and HP regen while healing. We ended up going to San d'Oria first, and grabbed chocobos for a safe ride to the Dunes.

We were a bit surprised at how many IT Damselflies we saw, but we found some T and VT, and picked a safe spot to use as a camp. The flies were pretty annoying to fight with their poison and AOEs, but they were easy enough for us to whittle down to a sliver of health and keep around until it would use Cursed Sphere. I was lucky and learned it on the first one, but it took quite a few more for Elboron and Grymalkyn. We were getting plenty of exp from them though, and quickly leveled to 17.

Once we all learned Cursed Sphere, we switched to fighting everything else that was around: bunnies, goblins, crabs, and sheep. We were having fun, but we had to cut it short and head back to Whitegate to get ready for the Ark Angels. The next spell on the list is Claw Cyclone, which is level 22. I think it will be a few levels before we're ready to face the tigers in Jugner Forest though, so we'll just be leveling in the meantime.


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