Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Leveling: Puppetmaster Duo from 1 to 10

Grym and I decided we'd level our Puppetmasters to 10 to use as subjobs when leveling COR and WHM. I headed to Nashmau on Saturday morning to pick up a couple of attachments (for Stoneskin and Enthunder), and we had them installed at the Automaton Workshop in Aht Urhgan Whitegate. We then headed to Windurst and got ready to go out and level. We had one mishap with a tough crawler at level 3 or 4 that sent us to our homepoints in Whitegate, so we made our way back to Windurst again and continue the process of fighting alongside Tsukushi and Quenotte, quickly making our way through the levels.

I died a second time, but Grym survived and ran to town to switch to WHM and came back to raise me. I made up the exp difference while he ran back to switch to PUP again. As our levels increased, we made our way from the south part of West Sarutabaruta over the Twinkle Tree hill and into East Sarutabaruta. We eventually ended up near the Tahrongi Canyon zone at level 7 and Elboron showed up to help us out.

So we headed into Tahrongi Canyon, and would invite Elbo into our party for double Minuet (increases attack), and then he'd drop out and we'd fight 2 or 3 mobs and repeat the process. It made the mobs drop a lot faster and having him there as a safety net for cures really helped a lot as well. We still needed to rest so our Automatons could keep using their spells, but we quickly got to level 10 and headed back to town. We had been feeling really guilty about still being in our level 1 gear at level 10, but it turns out the first hand-to-hand upgrade for PUP is at level 10 anyway, so it wasn't that big a disgrace.

It was pretty fun, though we don't really completely understand all the details about what the automatons are capable of, and whether we should get them more attachments, even though the plan is just to use them for sub jobs. At these baby levels, a PUP duo can really take on a lot stronger challenges than our BSTs could, even if they don't have a BRD75 friend helping them out.


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