Friday, September 15, 2006

Notorious Monsters: Colorful Leshy

We've been trying to farm Cluster Cores to get Shu'Meyo Salts for our next round with the Snoll Tsar, and at the end of an evening with no fog weather in Lufaise Meadows or Misareaux Coast, Grym spotted Colorful Leshy on wide scan. She ran to see if anyone was fighting it, and since no one was, claimed it as Elboron and I ran to join.

We were set up for core farming, so Grym was THF75/RNG31 and I was PLD75/THF25, while Elboron was BRD75/WHM37. Grym didn't have any bolts with her either, and took one pretty big hit before I caught up to her, but the fight itself ended up being pretty easy, as it should be for 3 level 75s beating up a level 58 Treant. It even missed me with all its Pinecone Bombs.

We were rewarded for our effort with a Mahogany Log, and the Harvest Earring. It's a nice earring, with +1 DEX, +1 AGI, and +1 MND, but I was a bit surprised that it sells for 300K. It's nice, but is it really worth that much? There were 5 up on the Jeuno AH, so I'll hang on to it for a few days before listing it.


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