Thursday, September 07, 2006

Quests: Promyvion ENMs

Yobun needed to get to the top floor of all three of the main Promyvions, and he recruited a squad to help him out. Since we'd be near the spire anyway, we planned to do the ENMs for each as well. We did two on Saturday, with Yobun (SMN/WHM), Kiki (WAR/MNK), Grym (WHM/BLM), Splinte (SAM/THF), and Anastasia (PUP/MNK). Promyvion-Holla was first on the list. We had to fight quite a bit on our way to the fourth floor, so it seemed to take awhile. After Yobun got his key item, we headed into the spire and did the Simulant ENM. It wasn't easy, but we won, and got 3000 exp as our reward.

Ana had to leave, but we decided to try Dem as a 4-some. The trip to the fourth floor was fast and aggro-free. We did a better job on the Memory Recepticles with me just focusing on them rather than the Strays. One thing really nice about WAR/MNK is having counter. It was nice to be fighting the Memory Recepticle and still kill Strays with a single blow of my greataxe when I countered one of their attacks. I really love WAR/MNK. If I ever get back to leveling WAR, I'd love to be able to tank as WAR/MNK. None of this WAR/NIN nonsense until at least level 48. :p Our ENM, You Are What You Eat, didn't go so well. At one point it looked like we could win, then it did something that regained 30% of its health. It was fun to try though.

Sunday evening, we tackled Mea. We had a few different people this time: Yobun (SMN/WHM), Diasuke (BLU/NIN), Lalandra (BLU/???), Elboron (WHM/BLM), Grym (RNG/WAR), Ana (PUP/MNK), and Kiki (WAR/MNK). We did some fighting along the way, some of it to try to get a memosphere for the map quest, some of it from aggro. On the final floor we made a mad dash for the spire with several of the Empty hot on our tails. Yobun headed back out to get his key item, and we headed in for the Playing Host ENM. Lalandra had missed the memo about getting the key item for the ENM, so we only had six of us in there. At one point I was down to 12 HP, but the fight went pretty well, and we won, gaining another 3000 exp, leveling my WAR to 38.


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