Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Beastmasters: Borghertz's Wild Hands (AF gloves)

After we got our Beast Gaiters from Brutus, we started the quest for our next piece of AF, our Beast Gauntlets. We talked to Guslam in Upper Jeuno to activate Borghertz's Wild Hands, then headed to Crawlers Nest to search for keys and coffers. Since we were doing this as our PLD75 and THF75, Grymalkyn also brought some thief's tools to try to pop her own coffers. We figured we'd be able to handle a mimic should she fail and get one, and that would be an easy way to get a key, since they're a guaranteed drop off the mimics. We fought the Knight Crawlers and Crawler Hunters near the lizard rooms we'd be exp'ing in a few days earlier, and would circle around to the coffer spawn points in that area every 15 minutes.

After about half an hour with no key, but plenty of Greatsword skillups for Kiki, Grymalkyn spotted a coffer. She tried to open it, but failed, and a mimic spawned. We did indeed have little trouble with it, and sure enough, a key dropped. Kiki took the key, since we figured Grym could try popping the next coffer. We went in search of the coffer respawn, and found it down in the Helm Beetle area. Grym used her tools on this coffer as well, and on the third attempt, she got her old gauntlets. It was time for us to run off to kill the Carmine Dobsonflies, so we left Kiki's coffer search until later.

Kiki headed back to Crawlers Nest later that night, and quickly found her coffer, in the big room where Grym had got the mimic earlier. Old gauntlets in hand, she ran back to Jeuno to put in her order with Borghertz's ghost. As always, he needed some flames from Dark Spark. This Saturday, we headed off to Castle Zvahl Baileys, as PLD75/RDM37 and THF75/NIN37, and fought Dark Spark. We got our flames, and ran back to Jeuno to get the ghost of Borghertz to fix our old gauntlet. It only took him a moment, and we had our new Beast Gloves in hand. 2 pieces of BST AF down, 3 to go.


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