Thursday, September 14, 2006

Leveling: Ninja Blues in Yuhtunga Jungle (25 -> 26/27)

On Sunday evening, the Ninja Blues headed to Yuhtunga Jungle to beat up on the mandragoras, all of us level 25. Dream Flower was as annoying as ever, but the little mandies were quite soft and went down pretty easily. We had a bit more trouble with the Goblin Smithies, especially when we weren't able to stun them out of Bomb Tosses. Grym and Kiki both ended up getting killed trying to keep us all alive with Healing Breeze, and Charcole used his two hour to blow up the Goblin. Grym and I had set our homepoints in Kazham, so we homepointed and Grym switched to WHM to raise Charcole. Charcole decided to keep pulling even though he was still weakened, pulling the next mandy before Grym got back out town after changing back to BLU. Grym was able to learn Bomb Toss, but Kiki didn't. Wendell and Charcole both got to level 27, and the rest of us are fairly close.

Goblins are so hard to fight without Barfira. I'm not sure what we should fight next week. Maybe Yhoator Mandies, but Goblins are a problem there as well.

Grym and Kiki went out to Passhow Marshlands Monday night to see if Kiki could learn Bomb Toss, which she did on the second goblin we fought. We headed to Rolanberry Fields to kill bees and bats to make up our exp loss, and stopped as soon as we hit level 27. We had been killing the easy preys and decent challenges so fast that we decided to try the Tough crawlers. They went down almost as fast, which helped the exp add up a bit quicker. We rested for MP between crawlers, just to be safe, but we never even used half our MP fighting them. I just don't see that we've had any other job combination (aside from BST) where we could so easily duo Toughs at level 26.


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