Friday, September 08, 2006

Beastmasters: Scattered into Shadow (AF2)

Since we got to level 50 on our BSTs over the weekend, we turned our attention to our AF quests. We had been hoping we could duo most of it as BSTs, but looking over the quest walkthroughs, we decided that if we actually wanted to have our AF pieces on hand in time for us to wear it at the first level they're all equipable, we were going to have to "cheat". So on Monday, we headed to Jeuno to talk to Brutus to pick up the Scattered into Shadow quest for our level 52 Beast Gaiters. He asked us to take some items to the underground pools in the basement of Fei'Yin to help free the spirits of beasts that had been killed in the war.

We headed off to Fei'Yin as PLD75/RDM37 and THF75/NIN37, since we knew we'd be fighting a ghost that would be too difficult for our BST50 duo. We made our way to the three pools, tossing in the aquaflora in each and saying a little prayer in remembrance of the dead beasts. At the third pool, Dabotz's Ghost spawned, and we had to fight it. It wasn't a difficult fight for our 75s, but it did take several minutes for us to defeat him. Then we had a cutscene with the ghost of a Galka Beastmaster, who said he's have something for us to do for him when we met again.

We walked back to Jeuno to talk to Brutus, and he thought it was interesting that we'd seen the ghosts, and mentioned there was an Opo-opo spirit wandering in Castle Oztroja, and asked us to go see if we could help free his spirit. We found the Opo-opo, but he wouldn't acknowledge our presence. Being clairvoyant, we knew we'd find a Beast Collar for the Opo-opo in a Castle Oztroja Treasure Chest (it certainly wasn't evident from any clues within the game), so we killed the key droppers until we both had a key. We found our treasure chests relatively quickly. Beast Collars in hand, we headed back to the Opo-opo. We both gave a Collar to the Opo-opo, and he took them and left.

Back to Brutus again, and he thanked us for helping him, and gave us our first piece of Beastmaster Artifact Armor. Now to get to 52 and be able to wear them!


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