Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Missions: Shades of Vengence (ToAU 31)

A week ago, having defeated the Lancelord Gaheel Ja, a bunch of ClanBEB set out to try to rescue Aphmau and her puppets. We were sent to Periqia at the Dvucca Isle Staging Point, and found ourselves facing a horde of K23H1-LAMIAE. I was with Diasuke (SMN75), Demin (MNK75), Yobun (BLM75), Lucrezia (NIN75), and Ranzz (BRD75). The fight didn't go as well as expected, and we were defeated. Lesson learned - don't stand within blood aggro range of a bunch of Lamiae when you've used Carbuncle to pull one.

The Lamiae have a terrible poison that they inflict that does 80 hp damage per tick, and I tried using poison potions to counteract it, but either it wore off or the Lamia poison over-wrote it. We all had antidotes on us as well, and made heavy use of them. Our second round went a bit better, and we got three of them killed and after another surprising cutscene, completed the mission. Again, I'll not spoil the story here, but I do need to go back and rewatch some of the previous mission cutscenes to see if I can see clues to a twist in the plot. I think they're there, but I want to see them again.

New title: Nashmeira's Mercenary



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