Sunday, March 18, 2007

Limbus: Temenos Central, Third Floor

Our Limbus group is growing, and people are tending to show up all the time now. Last Sunday night, we had 15 people in the alliance: Venn, Kojita, Ezekiel, Itera, Lucrezia, Thunderbolt (BLU), Serenity (BLM), Sarntur, Morgoth (RDM), Neborin, Ardan, Thom, Meshe, Ranzz, and Tsakiki. We used the Ivory Chip from Temenos North, and did the third floor of Temenos Central, the last one we needed to complete our chip set for Proto Omega.

This zone, like the other two "second tier" Temenos areas, has a 45 minute time limit, with one item chest at the end. The monsters here consist of a Yagudo Summoner NM, a Quadav White Mage NM, and an Orcish Paladin NM. Each of them has 6 of their henchmen scattered throughout the zone, feeding them power. Our plan was to kill the 18 henchmen first, to weaken the NMs, as well as maximize our coin drops for the run. We pretty much tore through all of the beastmen mobs, more like I've seen in Dynamis fights than what we normally have done in Limbus. None of us were really ever in any danger.

We were a bit worried about the NMs, especially the SMN with its Astral Flow attack. We ended up having all three of them on us at once (carbuncle pull didn't work on them). The BLMs kept them asleep though, and we quickly demolished the Yagudo SMN. The Paladin Orc took us longer to kill, and then we turned to the Quadav WHM. His HP melted away, but then he used Benediction and we had to re-do all the damage we'd already done. I ended up getting killed by him, but it was near the end of the fight, and no one else died. We'd cleared the zone in less than 28 minutes, ending up with 46 coins total, an item for upgrading DRG AF, and the Silver chip. It was a fun run, and it was good it was quick, since we weren't allowed to get the cosmo-cleanse until after 10pm, what with the time change for Daylight Savings Time.



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