Monday, March 19, 2007

Quests: The Day of the Primes

Several people in TheUltimates were interested in various prime avatar fights, so we had a group that did all six of the "normal" ones on Saturday. We started out with Anrita (WHM75), Luiss (BLM75), Sabella (RDM64), and Tsakiki (PLD75). We're all Tarutaru, so it was a pretty cute group. I was worried about not having enough damage, but it was a needless worry. The four of us fought Titan, Garuda and Ramuh, then Meshe joined us for Leviathan with his WHM75. Goto, also WHM75, joined us for Ifrit and then Shiva. I think Meshe felt a bit tall with the 5 Tarutarus.

We had a fun time, and the fights were all without incident. The avatars' two-hours scarcely touched us, between the bar-element spell and having Rampart up for them, we nearly always completely resisted. On one of them Luiss took a good chunk of damage, and I think it was Anrita who got hit a bit on another, but overall, a very painless trip to all of the cloisters.



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