Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Missions: Puppet in Peril (ToAU 29)

The new update last week included more missions in the Treasures of Aht Uhrghan storyline. Kiki went to talk to Naja, then headed to the Imperial Whitegate for an audience with the Grand Vizier. He asked Kiki to head to the Aydeewa Subterrane to look for clues in Aphmau's disappearance.

Kiki grabbed a chocobo and made her way to one of the lower rooms in Aydeewa Subterrane, where she found one of the Immortals, Rishfee. He suggested Kiki should head to Walahara Temple in Whitegate. There she found Gessho talking with Nadeey and learned that Aphmau had indeed sought sanctuary there in the temple. Aphmau asked Kiki for her help in rescuing Ovjang from Mamook.

Lucrezia (THF), Ranzz (BRD), and Goto (WHM) were on the same mission, and we banded together and headed to the Jade Sepulcher near the Mamool Ja Staging Point. We found ourselves in a battle with Lancelord Gaheel Ja, who was riding a huge Wivre, the likes of which we hadn't seen. It was a difficult fight, since Gaheel Ja kept curing himself for more than we could damage him, and he didn't have a normal hate mechanism, and would randomly go after any one of us. We ended up failing, with Goto dying twice and Kiki once. Ranzz and Luc were able to make it out of the BC alive.

Last night, Ranzz, Lucrezia, and Kiki returned to the Jade Sepulcer, with Lucrezia as NIN. Diasuke (RDM), Yobun (BLM), and Corbun (SAM) came along with us this time, and we were able to fairly easily defeat Gaheel Ja. Corbun died, reraised, and died again immediately, but he was the only fatality. Aphmau and her automatons are still in danger though, so we must go further afield to rescue them.



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