Thursday, March 22, 2007

Limbus: Apollyon Farming

After our series of Temenos runs to get the chips for Ultima, TheNewUltimates headed back to Apollyon for a couple of runs. This has had the side benefit of us starting to gather a second set of chips for Omega as well.

Last Thursday, we headed to Apollyon NW (the Kings), with a group of 12 people: Venn, Kojita, Itera, Ezekiel, Lucrezia, Thom, Ardan, Meshe, Neborin, Tsakiki, Sarntur, and Serenity. We cleared the zone, getting items for SAM (Ezekiel), BRD (Serenity), PLD (Kojita), PLD (Thom), SAM, NIN, WHM, and a Magenta Chip. We ended up with 57 coins as well. Our fight with Kaiser Behemoth was very exciting, and it was a last-second sprint for the final treasure chest to get it opened before we were booted from the arena.

On Sunday, we headed to Apollyon SE (ghosts, crabs, skeletons, weapons). We had to wait a bit for Neborin to show up, so we did some organ farming in Sea while we waited. At one point, we decided to take on a UFO, since we had 11 people there, and we just might be able to pull it off. It was pretty fun, but we ended up with a half-wipe and the other people managed to get back out to the crag to save themselves. The UFOs are pretty annoying - they strip all of your gear off, and they charm you as well. A bad combination of the Merrow and Lamiae abilities. It was very funny to watch the charmed people take off after the uncharmed ones, but I don't think we'll be trying that again soon.

This was Daden's first time in Limbus with us, and we ended up with 12 people: Venn, Kojita, Itera, Ezekiel, Thunderbolt, Daden, Morgoth, Meshe, Neborin, Ardan, Thom, and Tsakiki. We had a bit of trouble when we had 3 of the skeletons on us at once, but in general, the run was pretty smooth, and we cleared the zone, getting 44 coins in the process. We also got items for upgrades for THF (Neborin), DRK, MNK (Itera), DRG (Venn), and WAR (Daden), as well as a Smalt Chip for our second Omega set.

If all of us show up for tonight's run, we might try Omega, or one of the Metal Chip levels. It should be exciting!



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