Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Missions: Venn's Dirty Work (CoP 2-5)

In an effort to get more members of TheUltimates access to the CoP Dynamis zones (past the Diabolos fight, CoP 3-5), Allia created a new linkshell, VennsDirtyWork, and has been organizing mission runs for the members who need them. Mission 2-5, Ancient Vows, was scheduled for Sunday. I've offered to help out with missions where I'm needed, if I'm available, and Allia asked me to be a kiter for one of the two teams. I spent most of Sunday morning shuffling gear around so I could get dressed as a BST40/NIN20, and got about 15 Hi-Potions from one of my Hi-Potion Tanks from Assault. Since we were supposed to meet at 5PM, I ran out to Cape Riverne and logged out there, not sure when I'd get home from running errands.

We didn't get going until close to 6PM (all the helpers were on-time, it's funny that one or two of the people actually needing the mission were the ones dragging their feet), and had an alliance of 15 making the journey through Riverne Site A01. Three people seemed to be coming along just for moral support (Kojita, a WHM/SMN who's name I can't remember, but started with an E and was 5 letters, and Tepe, a RDM/WHM). The rest of us were split up into the two teams for the mission, with 4 people who needed the mission on each team. Easykill was supposed to be the other kiter on my team, but he got mad for some reason and left just as we reached Monarch Linn. Seemed to have something to do with a lot of hippogryph aggro that we were trying to sleep and run away from, but I'm not really sure what happened to make him so mad. So Vaevictis got to pull double duty as kiter on the first team and tank for the second team.

Vaevictis NIN/WAR - kiter
Tsakiki BST/NIN - kiter
Mayze NIN/WAR - tank
Divinities RNG/NIN
Reefermadness WHM/BLM

Jarbit PLD/WAR - super tank
Habanero BRD/WHM - super tank support
Vaevictus NIN/WAR - tank
Anrita WHM/SMN
Fliggity WAR/NIN

Allia had done a great job on organizing things and making sure everyone came prepared with reraise items, prism powders, and a yellow liquid each. We handed those over to the tanks, talked over our strategies, and the first team headed in for its "dry run".

I called a Crab Familiar, ate my food, used my reraise earring, and ran to the end of the tunnel with Vae while we waited for the others to watch their cutscene. Mayze provoked the middle mammet and dragged it back to the entrance, while I sicced my pet on the right one and Vae provoke the left one. Things went really well with the kiting, though I did get hit with -ga spells a couple times, and it took a few hits for my second crab to get the mammet's attention, but the fighting team took down the first mammet pretty quickly. Since Vae was in better shape than me, I took my mammet over to the group. Mayze ended up getting killed on the second mammet. He reraised, but got hit with a -ga spell pretty quickly and was dead again. However, the mammet was quite low health, so we got it killed and turned our attention to the final mammet, with Vae tanking it. When my second crab died, I called a Tiger Familiar to help beat down the mammet, heeling it when the mammet used Transmogrify. The battle was soon over, and the four people needing the mission ended up in South Gustaberg after their cutscene. Vae and I headed back to the Monarch Linn entrance and the second team got ready for their fight.

They were also planning to do a "dry run" first. This team was using the PLD "super tank" strategy: the PLD body-aggros all of the mammets, and has a support person to help keep them alive (they won't pull hate as long as the PLD hasn't actually done anything to the mammets). The fighting party takes one mammet at a time to kill. Once the first mammet is dead, it's pretty much a sure win, barring some bad luck with the mammet abilities. They also won on their dry run, with no deaths.

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