Saturday, February 10, 2007

Leveling: Last Gasp for the Ninja Blues? (Yhoator Jungle 37->38)

I realized that I never wrote up an entry for what was probably the last outing for the Ninja Blues, what with everyone but Kiki playing less and less every week (and Kiki having Dynamis and Limbus scheduled for 4 evenings of the week). Ryrra joined us again as WAR/MNK, and I decided that we should go to the Yhoator Jungle camp the Elboron, Itera, Grym, and I had had such a great time at when we had our sub job static there early last year.

We arrived on chocobo at the camp, and I was dismayed to find an IT++ goblin roaming in our camp. There was never a goblin there when we had leveled there before. They can be as high as level 48 there, so we decided we'd kill the goblin and work on the crawlers. It wasn't a pretty fight, but we won, and started in on the crawlers. We had to kill the new goblins as they spawned, which was usually a tough fight, but things went relatively well for awhile. Then we had some bad patches - like having three of us get killed by an Anemone that was accidentally aggro'd (passing people raised us), and Itera getting one-shotted by some massive attack from an Opo-opo. He home-pointed and came back I think, but I can't really remember. We stuck it out until we all hit 38, and headed home for the night.

I just don't see us getting to 40 like I had hoped, and even that would be pointless, since I partly wanted 40 so we could try a bunch of BCNMs with 3 BLUs, and if Grym and Elboron aren't playing, there's just 1 BLU. :-(



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