Thursday, February 22, 2007

Limbus: NE Apollyon

We headed to NE Apollyon on Sunday, going for the win, since we needed the chip from there for our eventual fight with Proto Omega. We had 11 people for the run: Venn, Kojita, Ezekiel, Lucrezia, Itera, Ranzz, Meshe, Alfrodo, Neborin, Thom, Kiki. This zone has regular mobs and multiple "boss" mobs on each floor, one of which will open the vortex to the next level, and one will drop the item chest. If you're lucky, you don't need to kill all three, nor do you need to kill all of the lesser mobs on each level. So we skipped quite a few mobs on our way to try to save time.

The first level has mandragoras and a Goobbue boss, and it went a lot better then it had on a previous run. The second floor has vultures and giant birds, and the item chest on that floor had the elusive Blue Rivet needed for upgrading DRG AF. Venn and Kojita were please to finally see it, and Venn won the lot. Then, as we were about to move to the next floor, Ezekiel suggested we drop the alliance to have one party move up to the next level, and fewer mobs would spawn as a result. Just as Kojita was typing "Don't drop the alliance until the treasure has dropped", Venn broke the alliance, losing the coins and the Blue Rivet in the treasure pool. :-( Hopefully we'll find another one again soon.

The Pots and the Dolls on the third floor weren't too challenging, but the fourth floor, with its Opo-opos and Gigas NMs was really tough, mostly because we had two of the Gigas at once. The trio of Gigas NMs each has a different immunity. One's immune to ranged attacks, one to melee attacks, and the third is immune to magic attacks. We died a lot here, but finally got up to the final floor, where we had about 10 minutes to kill 8 Dhalmels to spawn the final chest. It was a really close race against time, but Lucrezia and Ranzz ran off to the chest spawn spot while we were killing the final dhalmel, and they were able to get it open in time. We ended up with a total of 41 coins for the run, but we got the win, and another chip needed for Omega.



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