Thursday, January 25, 2007

Quests: Storms of Fate (Bahamut v1)

On Sunday evening, when I was in Jeuno waiting for our Limbus group, I ran up to Ru'Lude Gardens to talk to Esha'ntarl. She told me that Prishe and Ulmia had seen the Wyrms were back in Riverne and asked if I would go help them. I said I'd love to, so I would be ready if an opportunity ever arose to join an alliance of adventurers to go fight Bahamut.

I never imagined that an opportunity would present itself the following day. I logged in Monday evening, and Splinte sent me a tell asking me if I was interested in fighting Bahamut. His LS, Eminence, was doing a run, and possibly had an open slot for an eager PLD. I got ready just in case, and headed to Tavnazia to do some fishing while I waited to hear. Sure enough, they let me join them, and asked that I come as PLD/NIN.

We had a full alliance. I didn't check the list to see just what all we had, but I know there were 3 BLMs, at least 1 SMN, several WHMs and RDMs, and a bunch of melee. The main tank was a NIN/WAR, with two PLD/NINs as "backups". We had to travel through Riverne - Site B01 to get to the arena for the fight. The fight is uncapped, but Riverne - Site B01 is capped at level 50. Most of us ran through in our pyjamas, which was pretty amusing to see. We had to fight several Pyrodrakes to get the giant scale we needed to pass through an unstable displacement, and while we were waiting for one final person, we fought a bunch of hippogryphs to get tailfeathers for people to use to get mistmelts for some upcoming Ouryu fights. It was funny to see a bunch of naked adventurers punching the mobs into submission.

Since I wasn't main tank for the fight, and had NIN subbed anyway, I pretty much went all out on +HP, with the gear I have available. There are some items I don't have that could boost it even higher, but it was really fun to have over 1600 HP when we started fighting. For the fight, we tanks pulled Bahamut over to one side of the island, where we did whatever we could to keep his attention. The WHMs kept our health topped up and removed status effects, the BLMs stunned and nuked, the RDMs kept up refresh and dispel, and the melees, well, they meleed.

Every time we knocked 10% of Bahamut's health off, he blasted us with Megaflare. When he was about to do that, the melee ran out of range, while the mages made sure the tanks were at full health. We would take between 1000 and 1200 damage from it (it ignored our shadows), and continue on until the next blast. When we got him down under 10%, he used Gigaflare, and we actually lost a few of the people in the alliance, but we killed Bahamut at the same time. We had won, and Tavnazia was once again safe. It was a really fun fight, and I'm glad that Splinte was able to get me in on it.

New title: Conqueror of Fate



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