Monday, November 13, 2006

Dynamis: Bastok Farming

SnakesOnADynamis had its inaugural run on Saturday, farming in Bastok with a group of 18. It was the first Dynamis run for a number of us, and we had a few newbish moments, but overall, it was quite promising for the future. Assuming of course we get more committed members in our shell.

Out of the 18 participants, we had 5 Paladins. Vawn and I are thinking that maybe I should try going as PLD/RDM and do more healing than tanking, since that's what I was doing on Saturday anyway. With the extra MP boost from /RDM, plus having stoneskin, it might help out the group more overall. I'm trying to not be too defensive over the "aw isn't the little beanie baby PLD cute?" comments, but subbing RDM isn't going to help prove that Tarutaru are viable PLDs.

Narsat did most of the pulling as RDM/SMN, and had the most deaths on the run. We ended up having two full wipes, but got at least two time extensions, and were probably seconds away from a 30 minute time extension when we got booted from Dynamis. It was kind of fun, though we didn't see many drops. We got Bard Cuffs, the Relic Axe which gets turned into Guttler, and the Relic Blade which gets turned into Ragnarok.



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