Monday, November 06, 2006

Quests: Celery (BCNM60, Qu'Bia Arena)

A week or so ago, with some time to kill on a Saturday as we waited for enough people to show up for the new Pirate Assault (didn't happen), Yobun suggested a round of Celery. Grym and I had been thinking of doing that one with our BSTs at some point, but we opted to go with Grym's THF, Yobun's SMN, and Kiki's PLD.

The fight has a 15 minute time limit, as most of the 3 man BCNMs, and is capped at level 60. Four ghosts spawn in the arena, and you choose which you want to fight. They will not aggro you until you start fighting them. Each ghost has different weaknesses. One is weak to slashing, another to piercing, a third to blunt, and the fourth to magic. We chose to fight Shredded Samson, which is weak to slashing (my sword) and ok with piercing (Grym's daggers). The fights were really pretty easy for us. Having the PLD job trait of Undead Killer, along with Holy Circle, helped save a few attacks from the ghost. The biggest danger was Ancient Magic, but with such a long cast time, it was very easy for me to run away out of range before ths ghost finished casting.

We won all three rounds in 6 to 10 minutes, and got "decent" drops. 2 of the 3 runs dropped an Evasion Earring, but we lost one as the treasure dropped and a gobbie bag filled up. In the end, we each got about 400K from the three runs. If we hadn't lost the second earring, it would have been closer to 550K. One of the nice things was that each run dropped Oblation and Libation Abjurations. Yobun had a couple already, and let us take them from his run as well. With Cursed Soup running just 4K a serving, Grym and I decided we could use Ambrosia for our next attempt at CoP 6-4. Of course, we ended died 60 seconds into the fight, wasting the ambrosia, but I had two and used my second during our win.


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