Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fishing: The Horror! The Horror!

Grym and Kiki have continued in their quest for fishing skillups, but haven't made a lot of progress. On Sunday, we felt like we did as BSTs searching for a new camp after leveling. We tried Crescent Fish in East Sarutabaruta, Elshimo Newts in Yuhtunga Jungle, Noble Ladies on the Bibiki Bay Manaclipper, and finally took a couple of trips on the Mhaura-Selbina Ferry. We ended up with .5 skillups for Kiki and .2 for Grym.

The next evening we headed back to the ferry again, loaded with sliced bluetail. We caught a fair number of Marlin, and Kiki got a few Silver Sharks using her Lu Shangs, but Grym couldn't reel them in with her Composite Rod. We both got another .2 skillups for the evening. We ended up taking our fish to Zaldon in Selbina, and we both got Pirate Charts. Hopefullly we can try the "BC" for those with Elboron some time soon. It would be so cool to get a Mercurial Kris out of it! Grym also got a Brigand's Chart, which is for a solo endeavor in Buburimu.

We saw the Sea Horror twice in our travels. The first time there was a party of 4 that were probably hoping for Pirates, and they grabbed the Sea Horror and killed it. On another trip, the Sea Horror was there as we went up on deck. Grym and I didn't have any troubles killing it, though a couple of its attacks did quite a bit of damage. It mostly missed me, or hit me for between 0 and 20, even before I got Phalanx up (PLD/RDM). It was fun getting our revenge on the monster!

Grym spent some time on Tuesday fishing Tavnazian Gobies in Lufaise Meadows, and got a few skillups there, but felt they didn't bite any better than Crescent Fish.

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Blogger Pahya Nahrajh said...

Oh how I've dreamed of beating up that big jerk...

Hit 'em once forrr me :D

November 09, 2006 5:39 pm  

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