Sunday, October 15, 2006

Quests: Creeping Doom with 3xBLU (Balga's Dais BCNM30)

Elboron, Grymalkyn, and Kiki did three runs of Creeping Doom some time last year as THF/RNG, WAR/MNK, and WHM/BLM, using the sleep bolt strategy, but we had timed out twice and won only once. Now that our BLUs were over level 30, we decided to try it again. Since it was just an experiment, we only used one orb. We weren't sure it would work, and the drops don't seem to be so great. Elbo and Grym subbed WHM for poisona and paralyna, as well as protectra and barparalyze, while Kiki subbed RDM since she still hasn't got her WHM over 9 yet.

For this BCNM, you have 15 minutes to defeat Bitoso, a crawler that uses Cure III and Paralyzga in addition to the normal crawler TP moves. Our plan was to basically Head Butt him to death, stunning him out of his spells. It worked wonderfully - he only managed to get off one of his Cure IIIs, and between Head Butt, Bludgeon, Helldive, Claw Cyclone, plus our sword damage, we killed him rather quickly. Unfortunately, we ended up with less than 10k worth of treasure, including the 1000 gil we each got from the treasure box.

Theoretically you can get some decent loot from this, but I'm not sure it's worth wasting the orbs to try again. It's really tempting though, since it was so easy. We didn't take a lot of damage, but all three of us had autoregen from equipping both Healing Breeze and Sheep Song, plus we had a pear au lait. I think we each used a single Melon Juice, and we still had over 100 MP left when we were done, despite constantly spamming Bitoso with our spells. Poor thing didn't really stand a chance. We did get hit with Poison Breath a couple of times, but no real harm done. I think only Grym got hit with Sticky Thread, but the slow effect didn't seem to impede her at all.


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