Thursday, October 12, 2006

Leveling: Ninja Blues vs Evil Weapons (29-31)

The Ninja Blues finally managed to get together for the first time in ages, and we had a somewhat abbreviated leveling session in Sauromugue Champaign, fighting Evil Weapons. Their AOE Whirl of Rage was pretty hard on us, and some of the weapons seemed to be IT+++ (just took us a long time to kill), but in general, they went down pretty fast, and we were getting really good exp from them as well. Elboron (BLU/DRK) started playing around with Last Resort, which is probably going to get him killed one of these days.

All three of the BLUs ended up learning Smite of Rage, which is a level 34 spell we may never use, but we so far we're insisting on being completists with our Blue Magic, so that was a nice bonus. Charcole, Itera, Elbo and Wendell all hit level 31, but Grym and Kiki hadn't used their Empress Bands (we'd used them earlier in the day on our BSTs), so we were left a bit shy of leveling when we called it a night.

After the party broke up, we headed to Qufim with Elboron and fought several giants there until we'd all learned Grand Slam (a level 30 spell). It only took us 4 giants to learn it, and I think two of those didn't actually use it before we'd killed them.

The next morning, Grym and Kiki headed to Meriphataud Mountains and learned Chaotic Eye from some coeurls, then Sound Blast from the Axe Beaks there. We were hoping to get to 31 as well, but started walking back to Jeuno and fought things along the way. A bit shy of our goal, with the Jeuno gate in sight, we spotted a Tough Goblin Pathfinder with his Beetle, and decided we'd try it. We rested for MP, buffed up, and killed the poor goblin so fast we were wondering why we'd even been at all concerned taking on a tough. We got our level, killed his beetle, then headed in to town.


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