Friday, October 13, 2006

Quests: Undying Promise (Qu'Bai Arena BCNM40)

Last week, we decided to try the Undying Promise BCNM40, which is a 15 minute, 3 man fight against a skeleton that reraises so you end up fighting him 5 times. We opted for Itera as MNK/NIN, Grym and BST/NIN, and Kiki as RDM/BLM. Our first run went really well until the fifth version. I think he gets stronger as he goes along, and we weren't really expecting that. I ended up pulling too much hate with Cures and we ended up wiping. Grym's Funguar didn't seem to be living up to its reputation against skeletons either for some reason.

We were better on the second run, but it still got a bit iffy towards the end. Grym had switched to BST/BLU since /NIN wasn't really doing much for her. Grym used her two hour on her funguar this time, and that seemed to help quite a bit.

By the third run, I think we had it pretty well under control, but I don't see that we'll be rushing to try this again. The drops from the two wins amounted to about 110K per person, but it can drop Utsusemi Ni, which Itera will need for his NIN in a few levels. It's fun to try the different BCNMs though.


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