Thursday, October 12, 2006

Missions: Getting Ready for Omega/Ultima (CoP Chapter 6)

Our CoP static spent a couple of evenings farming chips in Pso'Xja for our CCB Polymer Pumps that we'll need for the fight against Omega and Ultima for CoP Mission 6-4 (One to be Feared). It was actually kind of fun running around in the uncapped towers, and getting used to the layout. We fought diremites and lizards in the Nue Tower (west part of Beaucidine) for the grey and carmine chips, and fought treasure chests in the tower closest to Ranguemont Pass for the cyan chips. We had to get the blue and green bracelets for Grym, Elbo, Splinte, and Wendell, but the NMs were trivial for a full party of level 75s. The first evening we farmed, we were missing Wendell, but Erock joined us to help. He's decided to come back to play on occasion, which is really nice. (Fight the addiction! Fight it!) I've missed having him around.

The second evening, Itera had a treasure chest key and got the real chest that Grym and I had been eyeing for hours while exping our BSTs next to it earlier that day. I really would like to get the Pso'Xja map one of these days, so we'll probably make a trip out there specifically to hunt a key and find a real chest.

After we'd got Wendell's chips, we headed to Misareaux Coast to fight the three detectors for Mission 6-2 (A Place to Return). Itera spawned them before Splinte was in the zone, so we ended up fighting them twice. Grym and I finished up all the cutscenes through to Mission 6-4, and took our chips to Cid for our CCB Polymer Pumps.

Grym and I decided to check out the Mission 6-4 fight cutscenes, so we went to the Tavnazian Safehold, set out homepoints there (we were planning to do the Secrets of Ovens Lost quest as soon as we were finished), changed our jobs to SMN1, and headed into the "fight". The cutscenes are quite long, and in order to preserve as much time for the fight when we really do it with the static, it makes sense to have everyone do this so they can take their time reading the dialog without fretting about the minutes lost.

Our SMN1 duo didn't last long against the Mammets, but it was amusing to actually try to attack them.



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