Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beastmasters: Beadeaux Coffers (Beast Jackcoat)

Grym and Kiki spent a couple of hours on Saturday (9/10) farming coffer keys in Beadeaux with our level 75 jobs, but didn't have any luck with the keys. There was no one in the area we were farming, and we cycled through the 7 quadavs there a little bit faster than they'd respawn. We called Balu-Falu and Wagwei to join us, so they got a bit of exp. Balu-Falu hit 55, which was nice. They were wearing such awful outfits. Some day we'll have to work on getting them something better to wear. They were both set on Stalwart Shield from when we did the Mirror Images quest a week ago, and it was interesting to see that Balu-Falu would always provoke when my stoneskin wore off. Not that it did him any good in getting hate off me, but he really did try hard to tank. I know how he feels. :p

I didn't like fighting the BLM quadavs, but when I started trying to silence them (I was PLD/RDM), the fights did go a bit more smoothly. When we found out we'd got 200k worth of scrolls off of them, I liked them a bit better (Flood and 2x Waterga II). We headed back the following Saturday, and it ended up taking us over 7 hours to get the two keys we needed. We called our NPCs 5 times, using our signal pearls and all 4 charges on our tactic pearls. We'd switched them over to Soothing Healers, and that worked out pretty well. I lost Balu-Falu after one particularly rough fight with one of the BLM quadavs - he'd been poisoned and died before I could cure him. Both Balu-Falu and Wagwei hit level 56. Balu-Falu's currently sporting Seer's gear, while Wagwei made it to a Gambison.

There were a couple odd parties that camed and tried to camp on top of us, but it wasn't very worthwhile for them, as we were killing the quadavs as fast as they spawned. The first seemed to be a group of Level 60s, apparently trying to exp there. It might actually be a good exp camp for that level, if no one else is around. They gave up and moved elsewhere after only managing two Quadavs in 20 minutes. The second was a group of RMTs, probably trying to get testimonies for the BLMs in the crew. From the way they moved around, it was probably one guy running the entire party. He really didn't do a very good job. Any time he did manage to get a Quadav, at least one of his crew ended up dead. He was persistant though, even though he barely got any quadavs.

After hours with only one key, Yobun came out to help us, and then Vawn/Latch as well. The key finally dropped from what seemed like the first Quadav we killed after Vawn and Latch arrived in Beadeaux and joined the party. I waved goodbye to the RMT and we teleported out.

Grym and I headed back on Tuesday night, first with Kiki as BST50/RDM25 and Grym and THF75/WHM37. We made our way back to the coffer area, and found the Treasure Coffer in the last possible spot. We rested for HP and MP, since we'd been cursed by the Afflictors, cast Sneak, and went into the room with the coffer. Grym started casting Teleport-Mea, and before the spell finished, I opened the coffer and got my Beast Jackcoat.

We headed back to Windurst, and Grym switched to BST50/WHM25, and Kiki to PLD75/RDM37, and Elboron joined us as BRD75/WHM37. We got back to Beadeaux about the time we expected the coffer to respawn, but it wasn't in any of the spots. I headed back to the first coffer area to wait there, but then Elbo spotted it in the same room my coffer had been in. Elboron started casting Teleport-Mea, Grymalkyn opened her coffer, and I stood there waiting to Flash any aggro'ing Quadavs. I didn't feel too useful.

Now we just have our Beast Helms left to get. Those are from a Garliage Citadel coffer, and we should be exp'ing on the key droppers there before we're level 56 (the level of the helm) anyway, so I think we'll actually do that one as BSTs.


Blogger Paul said...

Congratulations on the AF, after all that hard work.

I enjoy reading BST and BRD related stories since those two jobs sort of... fascinate me for some reason.

In any case, good luck with the GC coffer!

September 20, 2006 4:54 pm  
Blogger tsakiki said...

Thanks! I still feel like we're cheating though, using our level 75s to do all the dirty work. :-) Sure makes it a lot safer/easier though.

September 20, 2006 5:04 pm  
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