Saturday, August 19, 2006

Missions: Head Wind complete (CoP 5-3U2)

Our second round with the Mithran Trackers went so smoothly last night that it was rather anti-climactic. We did everything we should have done last week, and defeated the three Trackers with no deaths on our side.

We headed into the battle field, everyone (sort of) used their Charm Wand +1s to cast reraise on someone else, we ate our food, buffed up, and waited for Wendell's MP to get back to full.

We headed further into the area this time, and I got my target on Shikaree Z, the DRG, while Grym ran in and aggro'd all of them. She used Flee and pulled them all back to the entrance area, while I provoked Z on their way past. Itera, Splinte and I started fighting Z, using Itera's Hundred Fists and Splinte's Mighty Strikes, while Elboron followed Grymalkyn and helped sleep the other two Mithra and the two pets. I used a blackened muddy siredon right away on Z, and we were able to nearly kill her before another Mithra came back to help her out.

With Z down, we switched to Shikaree X, the BST/NIN, trying to keep both X and Y fed with the fish. Grymalkyn rejoined us, Elboron was busy keeping the pets slept, and Wendell and I were busy keeping Itera's HP up, and then mine as well. Itera and I also used a few hi-potions. We killed X and moved on to the Shikaree Y.

Before we knew it, all three were dead, and we'd won. It went so quickly that Wendell even thought we were only killing the second one when it was the third and he used Benediction just as Shikaree Y fell and the battle was over. The fight took about 10 minutes, though half of that was just reading through the cutscene again and then buffing up.

We're finally done with the level 50 capped parts of CoP, and next week we'll move on to one of the level 60 caps. It will be kind of nice getting my AF out of storage. I haven't worn it for months! I think we're going to fight the Moblins next week, and save the Snoll Tzar for last.

New title: Delta Enforcer



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