Thursday, August 17, 2006

Leveling: Mt Zhayolm Hilltrolls (75)

This past Sunday, we had Splinte's WAR/NIN join the LLS for our weekly outing. We all were eager to go somewhere other than Mamook, but Splinte didn't have the Dvucca Isle staging point, nor did he have Sky, which were our first two suggestions, so we headed the Halvung staging point and went to fight the Hilltrolls. It was a nice change of pace, especially for Charcole, who hadn't fought there before.

The trolls were a bit slower than the spinners, and probably lower exp per hour, but we ended up with over 10k for the outing. Both Charcole and Wendell were on exp rather than limits, since their buffers were getting pretty small. I thought about it, but I still had 5k, and figured I should be safe for awhile, so I stayed on limits.

For some reason I felt like hate was harder with the trolls than the spinners. It's probably a combination of them hitting me harder (and shedding more hate) and me not being able to hit them as hard (and not getting more hate). I was in the same gear, with about +30 enmity, but it just wasn't enough on some of the fights, especially when Splinte thought it would be a good idea to open with Berserked Rampages. Those fights I wouldn't even try to get the mob back. If he wants to tank that badly, I'll let him. :p However, it does make my presence pointless. If I can't tank when that's my role for the party, I'd be better off spending my time on other pursuits.

There was a spawn point in our camp, and with the fast repops, we would often have Elbo keeping one asleep while we fought another, but didn't have any crises. That probably helped our chains too, so we got at least one chain #6, which isn't bad for the stupid Diamondhide-spamming trolls.


Blogger Wendell said...

I like changes of pace. I wish I didn't have so much happening on my end stressing me out, I would've enjoyed the evening even more. I look forward to trying out sky this week.

August 17, 2006 8:26 am  

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