Monday, August 21, 2006

Leveling: Debut of the Ninja Blues (17-21, Korroloka Tunnel)

We've started a new static this weekend. Since 5 of us are the 5 remaining in the Low Level Static, we've decided to put aside the Low Level Static for the duration and have the new static meet both Saturday and Sunday evenings. I believe our initial intent is to get to 37, but we'll see if we want to keep it going further. The line-up:

Charcole NIN/WAR
Elboron BLU/DRK
Grymalkyn BLU/WHM
Tsakiki BLU/RDM
Wendell SMN/WHM

We started out Sunday night with all of us level 17, except Charcole at 18. We headed to Korroloka Tunnel and tore through the worms so fast that we had a lot of time to wait for respawns. We ended up fighting bats as well, which took a bit longer than the worms, but not a lot. We were seeing a lot of Chain #6s and even a #7 or two, but of course it was a mix of Toughs and VTs. After Charcole hit 20, we probably even had Even Matches to him. But the exp piled up and we're ready to hit Qufim next week.

The three of us with mage subs are sharing the healing and buffing duties, which seems to be working OK so far. I subbed my WHM9 for the first session, and geared up with +MP and +MND gear with the intent that I'm "main" healer. This way Wendell can actually be a Summoner instead of the healer role most Summoners get forced into for so much of the game. I put a merit into MP this week for another +10, something I didn't think I'd do at this point, and I even bought an Astral Ring (boy have they come down in price!). Me, a Tarutaru who's always laughed at the very idea of needing more MP! Wendell (Galka SMN/WHM) and I (Tarutaru BLU/WHM) ended up with about the same MP with our gear and food, but I'm sure he'll be getting more MP per level than I will.

Even geared up like a WHM with a sword, I think I was still doing respectable damage. BLUs still seem a bit overpowered. Elboron, geared for damage and subbing DRK was pulling hate quite a bit, and I think he's really enjoying his first really DD job (although he did level BLM to 22 with the original ClanTen static a couple years ago). It must be a nice break from so many levels of BRD and WHM.


Blogger Wendell said...

I think we have a very good team combination going here, and as long as we avoid mobs that can outright destroy Ninja shadows our healing capabilities will be more than sufficient I think.

And thank you for allowing me to play around with Summoner, the Avatars are fun and it's very interesting trying to match the avatar with the mob, day of the week and the ninja debuffs.

August 22, 2006 8:25 am  
Blogger tsakiki said...

Yes, I agree. It's going quite well so far, and I've been having a lot of fun. It was nice last night in Qufim that we didn't really need to do much healing on most of the fights, and I could do more damage. I'll have to carry some attack/str gear with me and swap it in with macros to get my damage up. There's no point in +MP gear staying on once I've used that MP up, but I'll want to macro in +MND for curing spells.

August 22, 2006 11:56 am  

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