Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quests: Fenrir 3, Tsakiki 0 (The Moonlit Path)

I was standing in my moghouse early Sunday evening, wondering how best to use my time before Limbus, when Thoron sent a tell asking if I was busy. He was trying to put together a party for Fenrir, and was looking for a PLD. I've had my Moon Bauble for months, but our little group has been having a hard enough time being on at the same time for CoP missions and the Ninja Blues static, and our plans for getting purple puppies for everyone have been pushed aside.

Thoron (MNK/WAR) had lined up a DRK/THF, WHM/BLM (Kiki's little sister!), and SMN/WHM, and was looking for a BRD when I said I'd come along. One agreed, but then ditched us when we were all ready to head into the Hurototo Ruins in East Sarutabaruta. Fortunately, Yobun was just getting out of an exp party, and offered to join us with his BRD.

Our first run saw most of us dead shortly after Fenrir used his two hour. We got him down to about 20% before we were all dead. We learned we needed to keep the mages back further. Yobun and the DRK had used their 2 hours on this run.

On the second run, we learned that Fenrir has a move that knocks me back really far, and that if I have him turned 90 degrees from the mages, I get knocked out of their spell range, and die fast. Rather than have another full wipe, the WHM, SMN, and Yobun were able to get out of the battlefield.

The third run went remarkably well, but we couldn't quite pull it off. The DRK stunned Fenrir's two hour, saving us a great deal of pain. I used Invincible and Thoron cut loose with Hundred Fists. He ended up pulling hate and died, next was the DRK. The WHM used Benediction (but Fenrir didn't even look at her), and we got Fenrir down to just a sliver of HP before he wiped us out. If the SMN had had enough MP for Astral Flow, we definitely would have won. It was so close!

It gives me hope for my group of the usual suspects to be able to pull it off, with a bit of help from sleeping for TP and icarus wings. With the changes to Sentinel, Rampart, and Shield Mastery from the update on Monday, I'm actually quite eager to try Fenrir again.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man Kiki I really thought we had it this time. I definately thought we had it the last time we went when you guys opened with a 1k skill chain. He just increasingly gets more powerful it seems :-(.


February 20, 2007 11:31 am  

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