Monday, November 27, 2006

Quests: The Opo-opo and I

Many months ago, after getting two of the four rare/ex items needed for the Opo-opo Crown, Kiki decided to start the quest, giving items to the Opo-opo as she collected them. First she had to complete Even More Gullible's Travels to get covered with the Blue Rafflesia pollen that the Opo-opo adore. After that, talking to Lulupp on the airship dock in Kazham, a Mithran Beastmaster appeared and explained that if Kiki traded items to the Opo-opo in the correct order, they would crown her as their king (queen?).

Lulupp wanted a Broken Mithran Rod, so Kiki purchased a Mithran Rod from the Fishing Guild in Windurst and headed to the north cliffs on Qufim Island to try to break it. First she fished up a Tiger Cod using her Lu Shang's and Shrimp Lure, then sliced it into bait with a wind crystal. Using the Mithran Rod and the Sliced Cod, she was able to break the rod on the fifth cast, probably on a Gigant Squid. Kiki headed to Kazham to give it to Lulupp, who was quite pleased.

Now comes the really confusing part. I have absolutely no clue how anyone would ever figure out which Opo-opo to talk to next, or what item you're supposed to give to them. Vuih Stecoppah, the Mithran BST NPC, tells you to come talk to her if you have questions, but she doesn't seem to exist outside the cutscene that starts the quest. However, the internet provides detailed walkthroughs for this quest, so I know which items to give to which Opo-opo in which order. I still wish I knew how the first people ever figured it out, since if you mess up, you have to start over from the beginning.

Kiki had her associate Quincy pick up a workbench from the Auction House in San d'Oria and send it to her in Kazham. Kiki could easily have made one herself, but it didn't seem worth the time to get the materials needed, especially when a complete workbench sells for only 1000 gil these days. Kiki gave the workbench to a very happy Kukupp.

After warping home to Windurst, Kiki did a quick search on the Outer Hurototo Ruins and saw that it was completely empty. Hoping for a Ten of Coins, she hurried out there. There were actually two of the Ten of Coins Cardians, which gave Kiki hope that she'd get lucky and get a card from one of them. Sure enough, the second one dropped the card. Kiki later returned to Kazham to deliver the Ten of Coins Card to Mumupp, who was thrilled with it.

Kiki then picked up an inexpensive Sands of Silence from the Auction House (having helped farm Elboron's made her feel it's OK to buy some of the items, as long as they aren't priced too high), and headed back to Kazham and gave it to Roropp. These Opo-opo really want odd items.

Months later, Grym and Kiki headed to Fei'Yin to get a couple of wandering bulbs for themselves. We'd farmed one for Elboron while we were in Fei'Yin for part of Windurst Mission 8-2, but only got the one. Kiki took this to Popopp in Kazham, who was very pleased with the present.

Kiki had got a set of Giant Fish Bones months ago, while farming for mission items in the Temple of Uggalepih. After giving Popopp the wandering bulb, Kiki found Bubupp, and gave the bones to him.

Grym and Kiki were farming for seashells in Sea Serpent Grotto, and got a blackened toad, which was presented to Tatapp back in Kazham.

Many months later again, Grym and Kiki headed to Ifrit's Cauldron to get a wyvern skull for each of them from the Hurricane Wyverns. These checked Even Match or Tough to us at level 75, and we fought them as PLD/RDM, THF/WHF, with our level 56 NPCs helping out as Soothing Healers. It took us 9 wyverns to get the skulls we needed, but the wyverns weren't as difficult as we had feared. This was the last difficult item both of us needed to complete the quest, and we later headed to Kazham - Grym to start out with Lulupp, while Kiki gave the skull to Kakapp.

Next, Lalapp was given an Ancient Salt. Kiki got hers in February while we farmed one for Elboron, while we farmed Grym's last week (netting 1700 limit points on 20-point kills in the process).

Finally, we headed over to Nenepp to give him a Lucky Egg. Kiki got hers months ago while working off the latent on her Sapara of Trials, and I think we got Grym's while Kiki was working off the latent on her Staff of Trials, but I can't recall. Nenepp was the most difficult of the Opo-opos, since he stays behind a buiding, out of reach most of the time. You have to wait for him to hop over closer to you, and then be very quick with your trade to complete it before he hops away again.

At this point, I found myself surrounded by the Opo-opos, and Vuih Stecoppah came to explain that as a reward for my kindesses to them, they wanted me to be their kind and would give me their most prized possession. Grymalkyn and Kiki both became King of the Opo-opos, and now have their very own Opo-opo Crowns.

I felt kind of bad that the very next day I spent 3 hours slaughtering Young Opo-opos in Yuhtunga Jungle, trying to get two bunches of Wild Pamamas for another Kazham quest. I'm not a very good King.

New title: King of the Opo-opos



Blogger Wendell said...

You're either not a very good king, or a terribly efficient and ruthless one. It depends on what your philosophy of rulership is.

November 28, 2006 10:26 am  
Blogger tsakiki said...

I "rationalized" it by thinking it's the domesticated Kazham Opo-opos that are my subjects, not the wild ones in the Jungle. However, it still pains me to ruthlessly slaughter non-aggroing animals, just to get something for a silly quest. Poor little Opo-opos. :-(

November 28, 2006 11:03 am  
Blogger Michael Clair said...

This was one of the cooler posts you've written. I loved to see how long you've been working on this quest :)

November 29, 2006 11:25 am  
Blogger tsakiki said...

/blush Thanks! I wrote it up as I went along too, so it's got to be the post that took the longest to complete. Feels nice to not have it sitting there, waiting for completion any more! :-)

November 30, 2006 7:17 am  

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