Thursday, November 23, 2006

Fishing: Craftsman Status

Grym and I have been trying to keep at our fishing so we can finally get our aprons, but we still aren't very thrilled with our progress. We've been fishing mostly Tavnazian Goby in Lufaise Meadows, since we can easily target them (only small fish that bites on a minnow there), but we get so many "You didn't catch anything" messages that it's frustrating.

We've tried other spots, such as Trilobites on Purgonorgo Island (too many other things caught), Bladefish outside Windurst (too hard to catch), Emperor Fish (impossible to catch), Jungle Catfish (using up trout balls from Emperor Fish experiment), a bit of time on the ferry (Grym can't catch Silver Sharks with a composite rod, too many non skillup fish, and the wait time between), and I caught dozens of Gavial Fish while in Gusgen trying to get my RSE sachet one day. The Gavials were very easy to reel in, but I only got .2 skillups on close to 100 fish.

We both hit 58 on Gobies, then headed to the Ferry to get our Marlins for our Guild Test. We got to fight the Sea Horror again, and again didn't get the "good" drop, but it was nice to see we could handle the Sea Horror even with BLM subbed. I used invincible when it used hundred fists, which probably helped a bit.

We're now sitting at 59.1 for Grym and 60.6 for Kiki. I feel like Kiki gets skillups a bit easier than Grym (though Grym is a better fisherman), still making me believe there's more to the Lu Shangs quest than just the rod itself.



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