Thursday, November 30, 2006

Notorious Monsters: Bo'Who Warmonger

Thanks to Ranzz, I got the TimeOfDeath for Bo'Who Warmonger, an NM Quadav in Pashhow Marshlands. He drops the Tortoise Shield, which happens to be one of the few shields that mages can equip, and has +1 INT and +1 MND, making it a nice addition to my mage gear for level 30 and higher. It's also rare/exclusive, so the only way to get it is to kill the monster and get the drop.

I headed out to Pashhow to be there in time for his 21 hour spawn window, as PLD75/BST37 for wide-scan. No one else seemed to be in the area looking for him, and sure enough, when he popped up on wide-scan, I had him all to myself. The fight took a bit longer than I expected (he's a PLD with high defense and kept trying to cure himself), but even with 3 lesser Quadavs trying to help out their colleague, I was never in any trouble. And the shield dropped! Hurray!

We were thinking that perhaps it was a 100% drop, as Ranzz had also gone 1/1 on Bo'Who, but we returned the next morning to try for a shield for Grymalkyn, and we didn't get a shield. :-(



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