Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Adventuring Fellows: Improving the Relationship

We've had Balu-Falu and Wagwei out with us several times in the past week or so, and we even got to the second to last level for headwear on them. I've also been able to give Balu-Falu his final weapon upgrade (stuck with Great Axe for him), and Grym gave Wagwei his second-to-last Great Katana. Since the final Great Katana for NPCs sell for around 400,000 gil, Grym doesn't think Wagwei will be getting that.

We've had them helping us with the NM fights for CoP 7-4, since we've had to do them multiple times with less than a full party, as the real-life schedules for our CoP static have been a bit hectic with the Thanksgiving holiday and internet troubles for Elboron (we haven't seen him for two weeks). Our NPCs were also a great help when we were farming Hurricane Wyverns for our Opo-opo Crown quest. Having Balu-Falu set as Soothing Healer helped keep me alive when I was blasted with Radiant Breath!

We also completed the final level cap quest for our NPCs, Mixed Signals, which raises their cap to 65. They're still only level 56, so we've got a long way to go with them. For this quest, we had to do a bit of running around from Jeuno to San d'Oria, back to Jeuno, off to the depths of Beadeaux (where we fought Ruby Quadav and got nothing but a ruby), and back to Jeuno, all as part of some deception to keep us occupied while our NPCs were leveling their cooking skills. Grym got a loaf of homemade bread from Wagwei, while I got a cone of homemade gelato from Balu-Falu.

One of the cute things they've added in a recent update - our NPCs will now bow with us. If you /bow to them, they will bow to you, simultaneously. If you bow to someone else, the NPC will turn to face that person, and bow at the same time as you do. It's kind of sad that it's the little things like that are the things that please me the most in the game.

New title: A Friend Indeed



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