Friday, June 16, 2006

Quests: What Friends Are For

We got our maps for the Aydeewa Subterrane a couple of weeks ago, with an odd quest, What Friends Are For. It's started by talking to one of the Qiqirn in Nashmau, Tsetseroon, who expresses his feelings of loneliness. Later, we headed to a ??? spot on a stairway in the Subterrane, where we saw a short cutscene of another Qiqirn on the top of the stairs.

The cutscene drops your invisibility in a spot with sight-aggro mobs, but fortunately only a chigoe spotted us, and I was able to shield bash it into oblivion. While we were trying to find the right spot for the cutscene, we had gone into the wrong area and got a whole lot of aggro. A quick horde lullaby from Elboron, followed by hastily recast Sneak, and we safely high-tailed it out of there.

The next time we talked to Tsetseroon, he asked us for a chunk of tin ore and a cobalt jellyfish to make a special stew. Oddly enough, we just happened to have those items with us. We were in a hurry to head out to get to a staging point at the time, and I didn't want to keep people waiting, so I really rushed through that cutscene dialog. I'm not really sure what he was up to, but I know he gave me a key item Tsetseroon's Stew that I was supposed to take back to the Subterrane.

The three of us later returned to the stairway in the Subterrane and left the pot of stew on the ground and hid in the shadows. The Qiqirn came out, ate the stew, and fell to the ground. We ran up to examine his bag on the ground, and we each stole a map from his bag.

Such an odd quest - poisoning a poor Qiqirn and stealing stuff from his bag while he lies on the ground, dying or really sick anyway. I still need to return to Nashmau to complete the quest, but at least we have yet another map in the collection.


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