Thursday, June 15, 2006

Quests: Trial by Lightning (Ramuh Prime)

Monday night, 5 of us from the LLS headed off to fight Ramuh Prime. I'm a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to do more avatar fights at a level where the fights would actually be a bit challenging. With a five-some comprised of PLD75, THF74, MNK75, BRD75, and WHM72, Ramuh was just a baby. We didn't set a record or anything, but Ramuh hit so weakly, and even his Judgement Bolt merely tickled. I don't think any of us dropped into yellow HP at any point in the fight. I'm almost convinced that Grym and I could duo some of the primes at this point (probably as pld/rdm and thf/nin), but not sure I'm willing to risk the exp we'd lose if we fail.

At the halfway point, Itera and Elboron used their two-hours, so I didn't tank so much after that, but even Itera wasn't taking much damage from the avatar. Hopefully we'll start doing these regularly and we can get all the avatars then collect whispers for moon baubles and try for Fenrir at some point. I've read that it is indeed possible for a Paladin to tank Fenrir, but it involves kiting, so it's best to have ranged attackers for that, which isn't how our group is set up. I've got a long time before I really have to worry about that though. Diabolos Prime also sounds like it will be challenging.

Next week we're heading back to Garuda, since that's the only one Wendell can fight. He's got whispers from all the others and will get his moon bauble after we fight Garuda and then be ready to face them all again. Grym doesn't have the Garuda avatar yet, since the other time we fought her, Grym needed Garuda's Dagger and chose that as her reward.

New Title: Heir of the Great Lightning


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