Monday, April 07, 2008

For the Lion!?

This is exactly news any more, but the March update added a lot of new items to the game, as well as massive improvements (apparently) to the Scholar job, but the most exciting thing for me was some new pieces of Iron Ram gear available for Allied Notes in San d'Oria [S]. The only wrinkle was that the gear is Rare/Ex, which meant that Kiki had to join the Iron Rams in San d'Oria. Fortunately, when you first change to another nation, you don't lose any Allied Notes (I had 144,000 at the time), nor do you lose any medals (Holyknight Emblem).

As soon as I had downloaded the update, Kiki made her way to San d'Oria [S] (OP warp to West Ronfaure from Windurst, jumped into the Cavernous Maw in East Ronfaure, and headed into the city), and talked to the Elvaan in charge of mercenary recruitment. Kiki was sent to look for airship parts in East Ronfaure [S], which were quite easy to find. After returning to town with the airship parts, she was admitted to the Order of the Iron Ram, and then she quickly ran over to the dude who gives out items in exchange for Allied Notes, and obtained her new shinies.

The first piece is the Iron Ram Sallet, which is actually the best tanking headgear I can get without being in an HNM or gods linkshell (Bahamut's Mask, Aegishjalmr, and Koenig Schaller are probably all better), and it was free! It offers good defense, more HP and Enmity than my Valor Coronet +1, plus Magic Damage Reduction. I even like the way it looks with my Valor Surcoat, though comments from others have ranged from "it's so cute!" to "I really don't like that helmet on you".

The second piece is the Iron Ram Dastanas, which are situationally very good. They have more enmity than my Homam and Valor hands (at +4), some HP, and Magic Damage Reduction. They're my new kiting gauntlets, and part of my magic damage reduction/Citadel Buster set.

These two items are available at the Emblem level and cost 40k Allied Notes each. The first week or so I was frequently examined and questioned about the gear by other PLDs, so San d'Oria has been getting a bit of an influx of new mercenary soldiers. I'm hoping they add more pieces for the set in coming updates, so for the time being, I'm fighting for San d'Oria, as odd as it feels. Hopefully Romaa Mihgo won't be too hard on me when I want to return to Windurst.

In the mean time, I continue to participate in Campaign Battles whenever I get the chance. They made some changes in the update, which included the Beastmen strongholds of Castle Oztroja [S], La Vaule [S] (Davoi in the present), and Beadeaux [S]. I have yet to go to those for Campaign, but have at least peeked into each area. I personally like the changes they've made, since the fights actually seem better now. The NPCs can actually hold hate, and the enemies are a bit stronger. A lot of people have complained that they get fewer points now, and the Jugner campers hated having the zone on offensive rather than defensive, but for the way I've always "done" campaign, I'm quite happy with the way things are now.

New Title: Knight of the Iron Ram



Blogger Allen said...

Hey Tsakiki -

I still haven't switched over to Sandy yet to pick up the new Paladin gear, but it does look pretty nice.

I've sort of started my own blog too to write in when I'm bored...

Hope you guys had better luck last night in Nyzul. We went another 0/2 on drops ; ;

April 22, 2008 10:41 am  

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