Monday, February 18, 2008

More Valor Dreams

I've been neglecting this again... But there's been a bunch of stuff going on, so I'll be getting things back up to date again. I "finished" Etrian Odyssey, but have moved on to FFVI Advance, which will undoubtedly start to distract me from blogging, but in the mean time, I'll be posting.

TheUltimates have never seen a Valor Cape drop on its CoP Dynamis runs, but that all changed a couple of weeks ago in Dynamis-Buburimu. We had a really good run up through the Mega Boss - clean pulls, minimal casualties, and more time to spare than on any previous runs, even with only 33 in the zone instead of our usual 36. We even had 5 PLDs on the run, partly through miscommunication, and might have done even better if at least one of them had come on a DD job.

We mopped up the Nightmare Crabs after the Apocalyptic Beast, but didn't get any drops. Next we headed over to the Nightmare Efts, and had an unfortunately large link. I think we had 20 Efts on us at once. But we plowed through them as best as we could before we were all dead, with no reraise, since constant Geist Walls had stripped it off of us. One of the first few efts dropped the Valor Cape, and Lumikumi and I lotted for it, with me winning. We've faced off on 3 items now, and I've won two over him (surcoat and cape), while he got the legs before me (and was 5/5 on the main set first too). I was thinking though, if the cape's big enough for a Galka, couldn't we split it in two between the two Tarutarus? It's a wonderful back piece of PLD, and I'm a lucky Tarudin to have it! I still can't believe Kiki's 6/6 on Paladin relic now.

On a sad note, Amyalfrodo's left TheUltimates, primarily because of family conflicts with Saturday evening runs. I'll miss having her on our tanking team. Draden started on our Dynamis-Buburimu run though, and I think he'll fit in quite well with us. He's also a SAM75, so unfortunately we'll probably have to have him fight the Dynamis Lord as SAM, just as Lumikumi's MNK is needed for that fight. Deathstorm finally has access to Xarcabard, and another new PLD, Cabbyz still needs Jeuno for Northlands access, so it will be awhile for him. He's got access to the CoP zones at least though, so he'll be on those runs.


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