Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Limbus Centennial

It's been a long time since I've written a Limbus update. This past Sunday's Limbus run was my 100th! I've missed only one since I joined the group over a year ago. That was because of what turned out to be a gall bladder attack on the last Sunday in November. I think what scared my husband the most about it was the fact that I was too sick for my beloved Limbus. He knew it had to be pretty awful for me to miss that. Gall bladders are funny things - apparently you don't really need them, so mine will be coming out some time when the Ontario medical system decides they can fit me in. In the mean time, I feel like throwing up constantly.

But enough of that.

Limbus has had its share of ups and downs, but in general things have been going very well. We consistently have enough people for successful runs, and for awhile there were fielding dual runs. I think things slowed down for the holidays, and with the addition of a few new people, we'll be back to regular dual runs going forward.

Proto-Omega has become fairly routine for us, but we still haven't beat Proto-Ultima, partially because people won't run away from Citadel Buster like they're supposed to, but also getting bad luck with back-to-back Armor Busters. Lucrezia's been reluctant to take us back to Ultima again until she feels we can follow instructions better, but I think we'll be trying again this week or next. I really really want us to beat that biomechanical nightmare.

Proto-Omega's been rather stingy with some of his body parts. We've got a total of 7 tails, 4 hind legs, 2 eyes, and 1 fore leg. So many of the tails that 7/8 of our eligible lotters have their boots, including me! I got mine Sunday night, along with Zaps. Thunderbolt is the only other person who could have lotted, and he passed for us. If this keeps up, all of our mages will have their own Homam Gambieras, which would be useful for those with jobs that can wear them, like Thom and Serenity.

We had a bit of drama this fall, with someone who took advantage of our overly liberal rules, and made off with two pieces of Homam (including the only godly-for-paladin hands that have dropped) in only 16 runs, and stopped showing up for runs in favor of leveling another job. He was a PLD main, and want to switch his Homam lot to one of the other jobs after he got the two PLD-priority pieces, so he could cherry-pick the rest of the set. He seemed disappointed that we wouldn't let him do that, and kept sneaking into the shell to see if we were going to do a run that he could benefit from, but we got sick of it and kicked him out. I'm still working on rule reform to prevent this from happening in the future, but for now, everyone's in good standing with the shell, so our liberal rules aren't being abused.

We've had a bit of trouble with duos and trios taking over NW Apollyon (Kings) when we need the chip to complete Omega sets. I really wish Square-Enix had made Limbus instanced so we wouldn't have that trouble. It's almost to the point where we should do the run every time we actually can get the zone, and just start sets with each sackholder.

It's still hard for me to believe Kiki actually has 2 pieces of Homam gear, despite the 100 Limbus runs. Between that, and full relic, it shows that persistence, and a good group of people to do stuff with, pays off. Who knows, maybe some day I'll have other things I never thought Kiki would ever get. :-)



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