Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Lifter of Shadows!

The biggest news on the Dynamis front is that I finally got to participate in the toppling of the Dynamis Lord, on November 14th. Since I was in the alliance with the person who dealt the killing blow (Bizcuit), I even got two nifty new titles for the evening. It was really nice to finally have everyone working relatively well together and to win the zone, after several failed attempts over the past year. The megaboss fight itself was pretty amazing - the stunners pretty well kept him locked down, and I think the only deaths were a couple of the DRKs. The run itself was light on drops - no relic dropped, nor did the Dynamis Lord cough up any Shadow items. We did get 2 100 pieces during the run, but the win was the important thing here anyway. I'm actually kind of glad that no shadow items dropped, since there would have been some huge fights no matter whom they ended up going to. It's sad that things like that can destroy linkshells.

We've been having a hard time finding and retaining good Paladins for the team. Just when you think you've got a decent one, he decides he'd rather go be the first to unlock Dancer the night the Wings of the Goddess expansion was opened, so he flubs up the first eye pull, dies, and home-points because he simply can't wait a couple of hours. We've had other Paladins join over the months who then need "time off" and we never see them again. So we're pretty much down to me, Lumikumi and Amyalfrodo as the "regular" Paladins, just when Lumikumi thought he could come as MNK more often than not. But he got his shiny new surcoat on our last Xarcabard run, and he's got to give it a good workout. :-) We've got quite a few people with PLD at 75, but most prefer to not be PLD for Dynamis runs. I try to rotate through them, and we're starting to let NINs main tank if they're interested as well.

We had our first Dynamis-Tavnazia run on November 3rd, and I was one of the lucky 18 who got to go. We had a lottery based on so many slots for so many roles, and Lumi and I were the PLDs. It was really fun to see the last Dynamis zone, but we didn't do as well as we'd hoped, partially because of two accidentally dropped hourglasses, and the need for someone to go give the two another hourglass. But we learned more about mob placement and the pulls than you can learn from reading posts on forums, and we learned that people just aren't as good at following instructions as you would like, but I'm sure we'll do better the next time we try the zone. One problem is that it will be a somewhat different set of people, so we'll undoubtedly have more newbie moments. I'm hoping we'll actually have 36 people Tavnazia-ready, and can field two alliances, but that's probably a pipe dream.

In October, we had a really good Dynamis-Qufim run, with a satisfying win, and three drops: ranger belt, warrior mask, and Monster Gaiters -1, which went to me. Lucrezia was the only other BST present on the run (Quetzal had been there but had to leave early), and she didn't want them. I have the Gaiters, so I was told to take the -1, so I could have a relic +1 piece for my BST, if I ever manage to level it to 75.

New titles: Lifter of Shadows, Dynamis-Xarcabard Interloper



Anonymous Lumi said...

no matter what now i am either a traitor to the mnks or to the plds lol.

December 04, 2007 11:15 am  

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