Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Kiki's First God Fight

The ClanBEB linkshell turned 4 years old on November 13th, and for this year's event, Yobun decided we should fight Genbu, since it should be easy for our little social linkshell to do with the people we'd have show up. I was very excited about this, since I've never been anywhere near a god, so it was all new to me. A lot of jaded players dismissed my excitement with their lolGenboob comments, but hey, everything's new once. Let me have my fun.

Anyway, we spent one Saturday afternoon farming in Sky for the pop items for Genbu, getting two of the waters, and killing Zipcana once for his items. By that time, people had to go, so we decided we'd try for a second Zipcana the following Saturday, and hopefully be able to fight Genbu twice. The following Saturday, we had 12 characters show up for the event. Wendell was there in spirit, but was being dual-boxed by Yobun. So we had Yobun, Wendell, Anastasia, Itera, Erock, Demin, Daden, Ryken, Lucrezia, Ranzz, Tsakiki, and Goto for the first Genbu, and Diasuke instead of Goto for the second.

Zipcana was running around his area when we got there, so we quickly got our second pop set complete, then built up TP on pots before heading over to Genbu's island. I got to pop our first Genbu, and then proceeded to kite him around. I was a bit disappointed that I had to kite, unlike the turtle in Limbus, but it was still fun. We made fairly short work of him, despite me running through the mages while Waterga III was being cast on me, and we got Genbu's Kabuto (Itera won the lot) and a Martial Abjuration - Hands, which went to me. My first god, my first god gear! Exciting!

Our second fight was pretty similar to the first, but I got killed at one point, so it was a little bit more exciting for the others. :-) We got another of the Martial Abjurations, which Ryken took for his PLD, but that was about it. It would be fun to go back a few times and see if we could get some of the other abjurations for people, and a Genbu's Shield or two.

I'd got a coffer key from one of the pots, so when we were done, I ran around looking for a coffer for my map, which was nice to finally get. I have a few other maps I should work on getting at some point.

After that, I headed to Jeuno to buy a pair of Cursed Handschuhs, then off to San d'Oria I went to get my Koenig Handschuhs. Yet another thing I never thought Kiki would ever have. Who'd've thunk it. The hands are really nice for situations where VIT and DEF are more important than enmity or haste or attack, which means they'll have limited usage, but it's really nice to have them for when I want them!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a lot of fun, sorry i could stay for the 2nd one but we did a great job!!!

I was glad to come it was one of the few time doing a god was fun and not a like so sort of chore!

You did a great job kiki and congrats on the new hands!

December 05, 2007 11:58 am  
Anonymous Meshe said...

YAY Congratulations Shiny Cute Taru!!!
Those hands come in handing for diferent situations, and they are really cool piece, gods are really fun, though they do take alot of your time on the farming area, I may return to them soon, I been having a break since I dont need anything else atm from them.

Catch you later, and great seen your blog up again, at least once a week write something ^.~

December 06, 2007 11:28 am  
Blogger Wendell said...

It's true, I was there in spirit. Congratulations, I'm glad a good time was had.

January 09, 2008 11:05 am  

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