Saturday, May 27, 2006

General: All those little things

I recently picked up a Kinkobo for when I want to use a staff for farming (though now that I have the Pole of Trials, I'll have to use until I get rid of the latent). I really like it. If I'm eating Pamamas, the delay is noticably reduced, plus I get an accuracy bonus. It also outdamages my old Battle Staff +1. I haven't really had a lot of use for staff yet, just farming and spirit taker, but I do want to get my skill capped, just in case I end up needing to tank with an earth staff at some point.

Grym and I helped out a BLM in Fei'Yin who was trying to get a treasure chest key (he was questing for Teleport-Vhazl). We were there farming Wandering Bulbs for our Opo-Opo Crown quest, and apparently he'd been there for 3 hours with no luck on the key drop, and wanted some help from Grym's TH2. It took us about half an hour of killing shadows and golems, but he got his key and chest.

Later that evening, I responded to a shout in Windurst asking for help with the dragon for Mission 2-3. I went along as PLD. We ended up with RDM, MNK, DRG, WHM, PLD, and set the record for the week. It was over 6 minutes though, nothing like the 2 minutes back when we helped Splinte and had 2xMNK using their 2-Hours. I really like helping people with this dragon fight, though it usually means getting suitable gear off of a mule first.

Last weekend, Grym and Kiki headed to Lufaise Meadows to try to get an Extra Fine File from the Fomor Warrior, so she could finish up the Tuning In quest in Windurst. We were lucky, and it actually dropped on the third spawn for the night that we were there. It's so much easier killing the three fomor on this particular watchtower now, at 73, than it was back when we were 55. We killed a bunch of Orc and Gigas to shed our Fomor hate, and both got Tavnazian Sheep Livers and Chameleon Diamonds. We turned in the sheep liver in Tavnazia as part of X Marks the Spot, and took the Chameleon Diamonds to Jeuno for In the Mood for Love.

New Title: Pick-Up Artist

We spent a good chunk of time helping Lucrezia camp Kreutzet, the NM bird in Cape Terrigan that drops the Sirocco Kukri. It has a 24 hour spawn timer, but will only spawn during wind weather. During the hours that we were standing there, we didn't see wind weather at all. Grym and I had to leave for the Weapon Skill NM fights, and Lucrezia had to leave a bit later for Dynamis. Of course, about an hour later, the bird spawned and the other group that we were camping against got the bird and the knife.

Grym, Kiki, Elbo, and Itera headed to Gustav Tunnel with Splinte, hoping to get him a Warrior's Testimony so he can fight Maat again, but we didn't get the drop. Seems to me there are better spots to hunt for a Warrior's Testimony - there aren't that many Mercenary Goblins in that area, and we had to kill a lot of other goblins and crabs. Plus an exp party showed up and started killing the goblins as well. I think maybe the Jutons in Upper Delkfutt's would be better. Seems to me we saw that testimony drop a lot when we'd been farming up there.


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