Thursday, May 25, 2006

Crafting: 2 Years Later...

Kiki finally joined the Bonecraft Guild. I'm not sure why she didn't visit it when I first created her nearly two years ago - she started out in Windurst, and would have got a free wind crystal for it. Whatever the reason, she's now a member. I always planned one day to level bone as a support craft for her woodworking (which has been stagnant at 64.8 for months and months), and Monday seemed to be the day to start it.

Grym had squirreled away dozens of bone chips, and between the two of us, we had quite a lot of wind crystals, so it seemed to be an easy thing to work on for the holiday (it was Victoria Day here in Canada). Seashells are pretty cheap at the guild so I bought a bunch and made shell powder until I hit level 1. Next came Shell Earrings, to 3. Then I made bone hairpins to 4.

The guild was closed for their weekly holiday, so Grym and I headed to Sea Serpent Grotto. We needed blackened toads for our Opo-opo Crown quest items, and the Sahagins drop lots of seashells. We farmed for an hour or so, and Kiki made a bunch of shell rings to get to level 7.

Next on the list was bone arrows, good to level 10. I had plenty of arrowwood lumber on hand, and Grym and I killed a bunch of Yagudo in East Sarutabaruta for yagudo feathers. After I exhausted the supply of bone chips, we headed to Gusgen Mines and killed skeletons for an hour or so. Ended up getting to 9.5 with what we'd farmed up.

I sold the earrings, hairpins, and rings to NPCs, and pretty much "broke even" on those with the seashells and fish scales that I had bought. The arrows on the other hand will make money, even if I hadn't farmed the bone chips, crystals, and feathers. There are gelatin recipes good for the next 6 or 7 levels, so I'll probably go excavating for chicken bones and bone chips for those at some point. Qiara can always find something to do with the gelatin.

It's so nice crafting at the lowest levels since the skillups come so easily. Would that it were so fast in the 60s!


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