Monday, November 01, 2004

Leveling: DRK in Qufim (23-25)

Kiki was eager to get back to levelling her DRK, which was 400 shy of 24, so she headed to Jeuno and put up her flag. After not too long, she got invited to a party by a WHM24. It was a small party, with just a WAR24/WHM12 as the other member. We decided to go fight worms by the lake while we waited for more people to fill out the party, but since it was night, this wasn't the brightest idea. The WHM and Kiki both got killed by a couple of Banshees. A passing Paladin tried to come to our rescue, but it was too late. He did raise us afterwards though.

We filled out the party with a THF, a NIN, and a RDM, and headed into Delkfutt's Tower. Things were pretty good there, despite some close calls with links, but the THF had to go, then the WHM had to go, then the RDM had to go. We disbanded and put up our flags, and the three of us were quickly invited to another party. The party make-up wasn't the best level-wise: WHM25, NIN23, WAR24, WAR22, NIN23, DRK24. We weren't getting very good exp, since Qufim's really not a good place for a 25. The WAR24 from my first party got DC'd and the WAR22, who didn't speak English (not sure what his native language was), immediately replaced him with a WHM23. At one point the WHM23 had an amusing mistell in party chat that was either in spanish or portugeuse, which I don't know, but know language well enough to discipher it into "i'm in an exp party in qufim that's getting really bad exp". We all had a chuckle and kept fighting.

The WAR22 had been pulling, but with no macro to warn that he'd actually pulled something, it was kind of annoying. Then at one point he starts pointing at me, but didn't say anything. Finally figured out that he wanted me to pull (I had my crossbow and acid bolts equipped), so I did. We kept fighting in both Qufim and Delkfutt's for awhile, and the WAR22 would some times run off and pull things without saying anything, so it was really hard to decide if I was supposed to be pulling or not.

Soon after Kiki hit 25, the WHM25 had to go. I offered to leave as well, since I really don't think 25s should be fighting there, but they said no and replaced the WHM25 with yet another NIN24. 3 NIN parties are pretty cool as long as the stupid WAR22(now23) doesn't voke and need healing. We moved to Pug Alley, and I was pulling them as fast as I could, but they were mostly toughs with a few very toughs mixed in. I even got a /hug from the new NIN for using acid bolts to pull. ::smile::

After nearly 3000 exp since the WHM25 left, the new NIN asked me in /tell if I would mind leaving if she got a replacement for me, and I said not at all, and said I had offered earlier just before she joined. I said I knew I was killing their exp and we could only chain so many toughs. So she asked the non-english speaking leader multiple times, using the auto-translator, to pass leadership to her, but after getting no response, I got to witness my first mutiny in FFXI. It was funny. They all disbanded, she invited the 3 she wanted to keep, and replaced me and the former leader. I don't think he quite understood, but I'm sure the party was much better for it.


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