Monday, October 25, 2004

Quests: Kiki Gets Her Power Sandals

I decided to spend some time on Friday having Kiki try to find that jar with the power sandals somewhere in Davoi or the Monastic Cavern (there are no maps of locations it can be in on the internet, so it involved just running around until you find it, and hope you live long enough to click on the jar to get the sandals).

For those of you that don't know about the Power Sandals, they're level 18 DEF:3, VIT+3, Fire +7, wearable by all jobs. However, they're rare/ex, so the only way to get them is to find them in the hidden jar. They're actually for a Selbina quest. You're supposed to find them and bring them back to the quest giver in Selbina within a certain amount of time, and he rewards you with gil. So to have the sandals, you actually "fail" this quest.

Since these are the best footwear for PLDs until the Kampfschuhs at level 29, I really wanted to try to find them before then. Kiki and Grym have gone to Davoi several times looking for the jar, but it's too stressful having one person responsible to keep both people invisible and sometimes sneak'd. We did actually see the jar once, but it was up on the platform in the middle of the pond in the first Davoi area - and you have to go through Monastic Caverns to get to that platform.

Now that my RDM is 25 and I can undertake expeditions like this on my own, I headed for Davoi. I started running around Davoi, looking for the jar, keeping myself invisible. Headed into one Monastic Cavern, hit a dead end, went back to Davoi, into another part of Monastic Cavern, back out to another area of Davoi, and suddenly, there it was! There were several high level orcs right around the jar, but they had their backs turned, so I dropped invisible, clicked on the jar, got my power sandals, recast invisible hoping none of the orcs would notice me, and started my long walk back out.

I still find it weird how my heart races when I'm doing something like th
is. I was fully expecting Kiki to get killed trying to do this, but luckily she made it through!


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