Monday, November 01, 2004

General: Weekend Update (Oct 30-31)

Saturday morning, Grym and Kiki headed to Bastok, so Grym could do the quest for Fukuro, a level 28 Katana, since her NIN is now 27. This involves getting a key and finding a treasure chest in the Palborough Mines. We headed into the mines, farmed a bunch of funguars, and headed up to the key-drop area. There were several people looking for their Kazham keys, but we started looking for our own key as well. Noted a treasure box in one room and we got our key the next Quadav we killed. The treasure box was still there, so Grym got her item for the quest very quickly.

We then asked a three-some if they'd like some help getting their keys (they were all 24 or 25), and they gladly joined up with us. As we were running around killing all the quadavs in sight, getting them their 3 keys, we noted a WAR24 who seemed to be soloing for his key as well. After we got the 3 for our group, we asked the soloing WAR if he needed help, and helped him get his key. He seemed surprised when the key dropped and we didn't want it - it was for him. There were other people key-hunting, but at this point, we were tired of killing Quadavs and headed back to town.

We both still needed our Treat Staff II from the Halloween event (had every other item), so we spent some time running around Bastok Mines, handing out oranges, wearing our Trick Staff IIs, and keeping track of the time we'd get a jack o'lantern. Most of the NPCs really seemed to be on 7 minute timers. In less than an hour, we both had our coveted Treat Staff IIs. Between the different staves from Halloween, we should really be able to cut down on instant warp scrolls when we're doing things that we can't do with our BLMs as mains or subs.


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