Monday, November 22, 2004

Beastmasters: Early Adolescence

On Saturday, Grym and Kiki took their BSTs out. I can't remember what order we went in, but we went to the Dangruff Wadi and had a fun time until a party of 3 goblin ambushers decided to gang up on us. We also headed to check out Carpenter's Landing, and a gang of digger wasps got sick of us, spoiling our fun. We also spent a bit of time in the Highands. When we hit 14, we headed back to Carpenter's Landing, and had to zone an Orcish Grunt. He hit a lot harder than his Neckchopper buddy.  

An LS mate (Thalia) was looking for people to exp with his RDM14, so we met him in Tahrongi and headed to the outpost in Bubu, where the 3 of us had a fun time fighting tough bunnies and sylvestres. There weren't any EM or DC mobs at that level, so we just meleed until the 3 of us were safely past 15.

On Sunday, we headed back to CL, but still had a hard time finding enough even matches. 15 seems an awkward age - the places with Ts don't have the EMs or DCs you need to fight them. We tried Funguar Alley in La Thiene, the Ordelles, the Dunes, Bubu, Tahrongi, and Meriphataud. I think CL will be really good at 16, so we'll inch our way up and try that out. Sunday's only death came at the "hands" of a bomb. We just didn't have enough bunnies and saplings to throw at it.

When we hit 15 and decided to try out "Stay", we realized we had "Heel" available since level 10. We're such noobs. I guess we were checking Job Abilities rather than Pet Commands, and since we had macro'd Fight, we never looked at the Pet Command menu.


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