Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WHM Ready for the Jungles! (20-24)

I managed to get two parties for my White Mage over the weekend, and got from level 20 to level 24, so next time I take it out, I'll probably just head to Kazham.

My party on Saturday had a THF, SAM, WAR, SMN, and another DD that I can't remember, and me as WHM. I had a really hard time keeping up with the curing on my own, and the little Summoner didn't help as much as he should, and ended up getting kicked out of the party after repeatedly failing to respond to requests from the leader. I ran into the leader the next day in Lower Delkfutt's Tower, and apparenty the same SMN had been kicked out of that party as well, by someone else. I kinda of feel sorry for the little noob, since he just doesn't quite seem to get how to work with a party. Even when he wasn't helping out with healing, he didn't even have his avatars out, so he was kind of just standing around. But he seemed like a nice enough person, and wanted to be helpful - he just didn't quite know how to do it.

We started out near Pug Alley, but there were two other parties there, so we were closer to the cliff. We ended up heading into Lower Delkfutt's Tower. I had a hard time with hate, partly because either the WAR, who was the lowest level in the group, was tanking, or the SAM was tanking, and they took lots of damage and needed lots of healing. When I hit Level 21 and had Regen available, it did help a lot, but not nearly enough, especially when fighting the low ITs. We ended up disbanding with me just 80 points away from level 23, as I had to get ready for Dynamis. I'd agreed to stay until the SAM got a level, so was already past my "cut off" time, so I didn't mention how close I was before we disbanded.

The next morning, I did my weekly chocobo race before the Conquest Tally, and used the scroll on my WHM to nudge me up to level 23. Later that afternoon, I put my flag up in Jeuno, and got an invite to a party as a "replacement". The invite came from a WHM, so I assumed I was replacing him, but I actually replaced the PLD. Apparently the WHM had decided it was just to hard to have a single healer in Qufim (an opinion with which I heartily agree), and so we were a WHM-greedy party and had two. The party had 3xSAM, a WAR, and 2xWHM. When the WAR hit 24, he left, and was replaced with a MNK, who was nominated "tank" based on his "high defense" of 113. I put up Cocoon and pointed out my defense was 151, but no one suggested I tank...

The party worked quite well. I sort of did the RDM role, and was using paralyze, slow, and dia on the mobs, while hitting people with regen, bar spells, and protectra/shellra. I also helped dump cures when damage got too high, but the other WHM did pull hate a lot more than me. At least when I pulled hate, I usually had Metallic Body up, so I didn't take much damage. The other WHM and I worked pretty well together, without really discussing it, and we rarely negated each other spells, so it was pretty nice. It's too bad that we felt like we had to have the two of there in the party.

We ended up moving into Lower Delkfutt's for awhile, and everyone got a level before we disbanded. I now could have Drain from subbing BLM, but I still think BLU will be better until level 30 (when I'd get Elemental Seal from /BLM).



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