Saturday, August 11, 2007

Recent Adventures in Limbus

As with Dynamis, it's been quite awhile since my last Limbus update, when I'd reached the 40-run milestone. Since then, we've been doing quite well with the normal runs, and not so well with the special runs. We've had several people join the shell, and for a brief shining moment, we had nearly full alliances for serveral runs. Unfortunately real life interfered for some people, and we're back to 10-12 people for runs on a normal night.

I still love Limbus, and have a great deal of fun on (most of) our runs, but without a consistently large group, we're just not going to get enough tries with Proto-Omega and start to see the big payoffs from all of our work (not to mention Proto-Ultima, which we don't even want to attempt until we've beaten Proto-Omega a few times). I love the variety of the different zones, and the beat-the-clock excitement on a few of them. And some of the bosses in Apollyon are just so much fun to tank. Two zones routinely give us trouble though: Temenos N, with the beastmen (the Tonberries are such a pain if someone gets aggro when we're trying to sneak through) and Apollyon NE, where the Gigants on the second to last floor so often wipe us out. But the frustration on those makes them that much better when we win.

We had a "metal chip run" in early July, again trying CS Apollyon. We thought we had a better plan than our first time, but sleep was resisted too much and things didn't go so well.

After we'd built up our forces with Fliggity, Darsonavin, Theodoric, Frostwitch, Jarbit, and Isengard, we tried another Proto-Omega run last month. We ended up with 17 people in the zone, but Lucrezia's plan went awry from the start when (one of) the melees didn't allow the tanks to get hate set up before getting the weapon running all over the place. We had 2 NINs and 2 PLDs, but we just couldn't get hate under control. I was on gunpod patrol, and I really should have gone as PLD/NIN - those things are slow and hit really hard. I didn't much like PLD/NIN on our first run, but perhaps with more practice and a Bard in the tank party, it will go a lot better. Hopefully we can try again in the near future.

My latest Limbus excitement was that I finally got the 75 Ancient Beastcoins I needed to pick up my Brutal Earring from Sagheera. It grants the wearer Double Attack if they don't have it, and enhances the effect if they do (by being either WAR or /WAR). That's a nice addition to my DD gear, and will pair well with my Suppanomimi for when I'm more interested in smacking things rather than tanking.



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