Monday, December 13, 2004

Quests: Grym and Kiki Get Their First Artifact Items

After we headed home to Windurst after our party in Gustav Tunnel, Kiki headed to San d'Oria to turn in a bunch of Lauan Shields for GP at the woodworking guild, and to pick up her AF1 quest. Meanwhile, Grym grabbed her Quadav Stew out of storage and headed to Jeuno to do her AF1 quest. Months ago, Grym, Manon, and Naukhel had spent an evening fighting Quadavs and stealing the Stew for their AF1. After Jeuno, Grym had to go to Selbina, and back to Jeuno again, and now is proudly in possession of her Muarader's Knife. It's actually a nice dagger: +2DEX and +2AGI. Not sure if it's best as main hand or off hand though. We'll have to look into that.

Sunday morning, Kiki headed out to North San d'Oria to speak to the poor little Elvaan boy with the mean daddy. Fortunately Kiki had returned his fishing rod to him months ago, so he was happy to see her and wanted help sharpening a sword. Kiki zones into South San d'Oria to talk to people at the weapon store and then realized it was a woman at the other end of town she was supposed to talk with. While she was running through town, she sees a shout from a PLD looking for help with AF1. Oh boy! Sebring, a PLD54, was looking for help, so I said I needed to do the quest too, but didn't think I'd be the best asset, but he said I could come along too.  

He got a 50+ WAR/MNK, Berthuo, and a 45 RDM/BLM, Blacklink, to help us. We headed off to the Ordelles, and wandered around for nearly an hour looking for the stalacmite that spawned the Earth Elemental. The fight itself was pretty short, and really the only scary part was one Stonega II that knocked Kiki down to about 200HP (582 max for her at the moment, without HP boosting equipment). Kiki's Banish IIs did more damage than her sword, so it was kind of fun.

Berthuo needed help with the Davoi and Beadeaux parts of the mission for Rank 5, so Sebring and I said we'd help, and got Grym to join us as her WHM35/NIN17 for sneak and invisible. We headed to Davoi and had little trouble getting to the magicite, then it was off to Beadeaux. We thought he'd already killed the Named Quadavs and got the items to open the door in Qulon Dome, but when he couldn't open the door, we realized our confusion. So we headed back out and killed the first guy near the Pashhow zone with no trouble (he was walking around up top and we were able to provoke him when he got close). Made the long trek to get the other one, and Kiki got aggro'd so we had to fight a couple Quadavs. Grym kept Kiki sneaked after that. The Headhunter was being fought by someone else, but they only needed one of the items and allied with us so Berthuo could get an item too.

We had to go run some Real Life errands, so we left Sebring and Berthuo to head to Jeuno and come back to get the Beadeaux magicite. Since they're both over 50, they didn't really need any help getting back to Qulon Dome.

Grym and Kiki walked back to San d'Oria through the Dunes (I really love walking through the Dunes and helping out people being chased by gobs or bats, or killing ghouls and getting skulls for people without subjobs). Kiki went to talk to Ailbeche again, and he was so happy with his new whetstone that he gave her a sword he stole from his dad. Does it bother anyone else that the Honor Sword for the Paladin (a good knight in shining armor) was actually stolen?

I'm so happy that Kiki was able to get this before she hit 42, so it's there for her to equip when she next levels! A big thank you to Sebring and Berthuo and Blacklink!


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